Creating additional wikis

Clients on our MyWikis Corporate and VPS plans are eligible to add additional wikis.

As of July 28, 2020, each plan is entitled to the following amount of wikis:

  • Basics - 1 wiki
  • Pro - 1 wiki
  • Corporate - 2 wikis
  • VPS - 10 wikis

This amount includes your first wiki created. Check our main website to make sure that this amount is still accurate.

To add a wiki, first be sure you are logged into the MyWikis Client Panel. Then, go to the wiki creation page and choose the plan you currently have. Fill out the necessary information and go to the next page. You will have the opportunity to enter in a promo code. Type in ADDWIKI. This will make your wiki free. Proceed to checkout and your wiki will be created as usual.

What if I am on MyWikis Basics or Pro and want to add another wiki?

You can either choose to purchase a second subscription or upgrade to Corporate to take advantage of getting an extra wiki for free. Alternatively, additional wikis may be purchased for $5 on any plan. Information on changing your plan may be found on the Changing plans knowledgebase page.


If you signed up for MyWikis between August 10, 2018 and July 28, 2020, you were entitled to the following amount of wikis depending on your plan:

  • Basics - 1 wiki
  • Pro - 2 wikis
  • Corporate - 5 wikis
  • VPS - unlimited wikis
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