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When we are unable to process a renewal, we give a few days grace period to pay for the wiki. If the wiki subscription still cannot be successfully renewed after this grace period, the wiki will be suspended. In other words, it will no longer be available to use until payment is made again. Should a wiki be suspended due to delinquent payments, up to one month of payment is still due for the time the wiki was suspended and there may be a long-term suspension fee (detailed in the next paragraph).

It is still possible to restore most suspended wikis. We tend to preserve the data of wikis suspended due to missed payments for as long as possible, but we cannot make guarantees. If your wiki was suspended for more than 11 months, then for every month your wiki was suspended, you will need to pay $1 per month as a reinitiation fee. This covers our storage costs. We recommend you avoid this fee by exporting content before leaving and reimporting it back when you need it again.

If you would like to restore your wiki, please log in and update your payment method. Then, go to your unpaid invoice and press "Pay". Once the invoice is marked as paid, your wiki should be automatically unsuspended within minutes.

If your wiki is not automatically unsuspended (usually, this is the case for VPS and older wikis on our legacy platform), please log in and open a support ticket. For the fastest resolution, please update your payment information before creating a ticket. Then, let us know your payment method can be charged. This will allow us to restore your wiki faster.

To ensure your wiki is continually available, make sure your card is always up to date and properly funded. The most common reasons that wikis go unpaid are: the card associated with the subscription expires, the card is declined, or there are insufficient funds on the card.


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