Changing plans or billing periods

You can change plans or billing periods at any time. The process to change plans is seamless and easy, and won't require you to export/import your wiki.

Changing plans

If you're on any plan except VPS: To start the process, go to "My Services" ( Click on the service for which you'd like to change the plan. Press "Upgrade" (even if you are trying to downgrade your plan) and select the new plan and payment plan you'd like. If you are upgrading to MyWikis Pro, Corporate, or VPS from MyWikis Basics and you are still on a wiki, please create a support ticket to let us know so we can add VisualEditor to your wiki. Gen2 wikis will not need to do this, as it is completely automatic on our new system.

If you're moving to a higher plan, you'll find a prorated invoice to pay for that covers the difference between your current plan and your new plan. The invoice needs to be paid in order for the plan change to be finalized.

If you're moving to a lower plan, your next invoice will be delayed and any remaining credit left in your former subscription will count towards your new plan.

If you're currently on our VPS plan but want to downgrade: To start the process, open a ticket under the Billing and Provisioning department and let us know which plan you want, as well as whether you'll be paying monthly or annually. Your new billing will take effect when we respond to your ticket.

Changing billing periods

Want to change from paying each month to paying once a year, or vice versa? Log in to your Client Panel account and open a support ticket under our Billing department to get started. Let us know what you want to change to. We will generate an invoice to account for the prorated rate (you may get credits applied to your account!), and we will attempt to auto-charge your credit card if it is necessary; you'll pay the normal amount for your next billing cycle. In case you're changing to a plan that costs less than you've paid, we'll prorate it accordingly and add the credits to your account.

Adding or removing addons

Addons to your base wiki service include value-added services like Backups Pluspriority support, extra storage, and extra wikis. To start the process, go to "My Services" ( Click on the service for which you'd like to add or remove addons. On the left side of the service's page is "Upgrade/Downgrade Options"; click on that one instead of the one that just says Upgrade/Downgrade. Next, select the addons you want, and continue to pay for them.

Once you've added your addons, enjoy your new features! Backups Plus will be added as soon as possible to your wiki and a ticket will be opened by one of our staff members with welcome instructions once that's done.

If the new price is higher than expected

If you were grandfathered onto prices lower than before, but after changing your plan, you have to pay a new higher price, we would be happy to help you keep it at the original grandfathered price. Please do NOT pay for the invoice if possible and open a support ticket with our billing department requesting a manual upgrade. Our billing staff will keep you on your old price (+ any addons' prices) and manually fix it in the system.

Should you believe there was a miscalculation in price, please don't pay yet and open a ticket with the billing department to confirm which price it will be charged at. We reserve the right to adjust invoices should they be contrary to what we intended, whether the price is too low or too high.

Automatic upgrades

If you exceed the quotas on your plan, such as the storage quota, we reserve the right to automatically upgrade you to the next highest plan and charge you automatically with the card you have on file. Upon request, we will send you your disk space utilization.

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