Privacy laws compliance (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD)

Privacy regulations around the world vary depending on which country you live in. At MyWikis, we are required by law to comply with certain privacy regulations. To see what applies to you, visit this page: Alternatively, read on to find out information about how we comply with different regulations around the world.

GDPR (European Union)

The following information pertains to European Union citizens only. Citizens of other countries are subject to different laws.

As a European Union data subject, you are entitled to certain rights under the GDPR, which are outlined on our privacy policy at

You are also entitled to make several kinds of requests under the GDPR. Please use this specialized GDPR form to ensure we are properly processing your request:

LGPD (Brazil)

Brazilian data subjects are entitled to the rights to which European Union data subjects are entitled under the GDPR, which are outlined on our privacy policy at

Please use this form: for your LGPD request to ensure we are properly processing your request.

Other countries

MyWikis is not bound by the CCPA due to our size. We strive to respect your data privacy wishes and we never sell your data or share it with third parties. We can only respond to requests made with respect to processes defined by an applicable law.

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