Modifying your wiki's sidebar

Your wiki's sidebar is able to be changed. Go to the MediaWiki:Sidebar page of your wiki.

A new section of the sidebar can be added with one asterisk followed by the section name:

* Section name

Under each section, you can add links with two asterisks followed by the URL and link name. The URL and name of the link are separated by a pipe:

** Main Page|Wiki Homepage
** Another Page|Another Page
**|External Link to MyWikis

Importing a sidebar from Wikispaces

Now that you are at MyWikis, welcome! Once your Wikispaces content has been imported, we know you will want to use your original sidebar from Wikispaces. To do, follow the below steps:

Go to "Spaces" and copy the content. An example of something in Spaces looks like this: 

'''Home'''<br />
'''Conferences'''<br />
3rd Conference (link coming soon)<br />
[[Conference 2|2nd Conference]]<br />
[ 1st Conference]<br />
'''Related Links'''<br />
[ GitHub]<br />
[ Google]

Then go to MediaWiki:Sidebar. It will look like this by default: 

* navigation
** mainpage|mainpage-description
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** randompage-url|randompage
** helppage|help

The final contents should look like this: 

* navigation
** mainpage|mainpage-description
** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
** randompage-url|randompage
** helppage|help
* Conferences
** Conference 3|3rd Conference (link coming soon)
** Conference 2|2nd Conference
**|1st Conference

* Related links

Modify the links as shown and put this new format on MediaWiki:Sidebar. Note that while Wikispaces allowed sidebar points without links, MediaWiki requires them. The sidebar should instantly update with your new content!

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