VisualEditor on MyWikis

MyWikis is proud to offer VisualEditor for all wikis on MyWikis Pro and above. VisualEditor makes editing wikis a breeze! No longer do you need to know complicated wiki syntax to edit a page. VisualEditor takes care of that for you, so when you edit a page, what you see is what you get.

VisualEditor is installed by default for new wikis on MyWikis Pro and above. If you are using MyWikis Basics and are interested in using VisualEditor on your wiki, speak with our support team today to upgrade to MyWikis Pro or a better plan. Upgrades to Pro come with automatic installation of VisualEditor.

Please note that VisualEditor does not function on non-standard skins. All wikis are set to use the Vector skin by default, which supports VisualEditor. Additionally, some extensions, like BlueSpice, are bundled with skins that are known to break VisualEditor. We cannot guarantee that a different skin will support VisualEditor, so we encourage any clients who wish to use a different skin to consult with our support team for VisualEditor support.

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