Why choose MyWikis?

MyWikis operates uniquely to bring you the best experience possible. We are the longest continuously operating non-ad supported wiki hosting company dedicated to MediaWiki in the world. Since 2012, we have hosted thousands of MediaWiki wikis for individuals, organizations, and companies, small to large.

Some of the reasons why MyWikis is a better choice than our competitors include:

  • We tailor everything on your wiki to your wiki's purpose. Whether you want to create a wiki about your favorite video game or your company needs a place to store information, we do the busy work for you. Everything on your wiki is configured and fine-tuned just for you. Other wiki hosts set up a generic wiki without the settings and plugins you need for maximum productivity, but we'll make sure you're taken care of here at MyWikis.
  • Ad free experience. MyWikis does not place any ads on your wiki, and we never will.
  • No branding. Unlike our competitors, we don't place the MyWikis logo on your wiki at all. All of our wikis are white label, which enables your wiki to be professional and focused on what it's about. In fact, you can link your wiki to a custom domain away from the included mywikis.wiki subdomain if you're on our Pro, Corporate, or VPS plans!
  • At MyWikis, your wiki is immediately created after payment. There's no approval process—you can start using it immediately after signing up.
  • We use the best wiki software there is, MediaWiki. It's the same software that Wikipedia uses, so you know it's tried and true.
  • At MyWikis, our staff have over 10 years of MediaWiki experience combined and are experts. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the technical side—we've got the expertise. Gain an unparalleled peace of mind that you are in good hands with MyWikis.
  • Bring your wiki's pages to life with rich visual editing features. VisualEditor comes by default with all wikis on our MyWikis Pro plan and above. Editing your wiki has never been easier.
  • Only MyWikis offers 9 different privacy levels. We take privacy seriously and want you to have full control over how to control your wiki.
  • Our support team is always available to assist you. We respond quickly and professionally to address your questions, requests, and issues.
  • At MyWikis, your wiki is completely separate from other wikis. Almost all of our competitors operate a shared user account system among all of their wikis. Furthermore, the process of adding allowed accounts is tedious and potentially insecure, as unauthorized users can easily be added by mistake. Our wikis run completely separate from each other, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws and assuring your wiki's privacy. We offer truly private wikis by design. Competitors with shared user systems who claim to offer private wikis are not truly private and will never be able to offer the level of privacy MyWikis offers.
  • MyWikis is ran professionally by a company. We have strict data protection policies that ensure your data is always kept secure. Some of our competitors are ran by volunteers appointed by the community who only assist with support on their own free time, which is unsuitable for companies and organizations that need SLA and uptime guarantees. Volunteer-run competitors also require community interaction to get anything done, and you may encounter issues with dealing with the politics of the community. This is a complete nonissue at MyWikis. Simply sign up and ask for what you want, and we will get to work helping you.
  • We are trusted by some of the top companies and organizations in the world. Our clients include CIEE, the Libertarian Party, and Aprilaire, who have been with us for years and continue to be longstanding clients. Here's what Aprilaire says about MyWikis: “Our Wiki has been a game-changer for technical support. It’s an all-in-one source that helps us assist our customers in an efficient, accurate and consistent way across our team. It definitely is the go-to source that keeps us updated with the most recent information on our products.”

Sign up today at mywikis.com/createawiki.

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