What should I do if my wiki is being spammed?

If your wiki is undergoing a spam attack, please immediately contact our support team with a ticket of the highest priority. We consider this an emergency and will always be available to help you mitigate the problem.

MyWikis has taken measures on every public wiki to significantly reduce the possibility of a spam attack occurring. In the past few years, we have been improving every wiki's spam-fighting tools that come by default on each wiki.

While there are many different complicated measures that can be taken to fight spam and vandalism of wikis, the simplest mitigation strategy starts with your wiki's privacy level. In general, we recommend having a more private wiki (e.g. Private E would be preferable to Private A).

If you wish to change privacy levels, please contact our support team and open a ticket requesting the new privacy level you want.

Privacy level Spam attack protection
Public Low
Private A Medium
Private B Medium
Private C Highest
Private D Medium
Private E Highest
Private F + A Medium
Private F + C High
Private F + E High
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