Adding extensions or skins onto your wiki

Here at MyWikis, we are all about customizing your wiki! A major part of that is MediaWiki extensions and skins. We're able to install most MediaWiki extensions and skins (to a reasonable extent).

As extensions are created by third parties, the ability for us to install an extension on a wiki depends on whether the extension is up to date or not with your wiki's version. To see your wiki's version, the software powering it, and the extensions currently installed on your wiki, please visit your wiki's Special:Version page. Certain extensions are not supported on our MyWikis Basics, Pro, or Corporate plans, but may be available through our VPS plans. In the rare case that an extension needs to be purchased, MyWikis will wait until the customer purchases the extension to install it.

For information on which extensions are supported and which are not supported, please visit the knowledgebase article titled Extensions we can and can't install.

To install an extension or skin onto your wiki, follow one of the two procedures:

  • For many extensions, we support automatic installation via the Self Service portal. To see if an extension can be installed using the Self Service portal, log in to the portal, and if your wiki shows up, click "Manage wiki" > "Add an extension", then see if your desired extension is in the list.
  • For other extensions or wikis that can't be managed through Self Service, please create a support ticket and specify the extension or skin you would like installed onto your wiki. A link to your extension or skin would be very helpful if it's not on our "Extensions we can install" list located at Extensions we can and can't install.

We are usually able to fulfill your requests. In the rare case we're unable to install an extension, we'll let you know why. Additionally, we can install up to 10 extensions for your wikis each month. This doesn't include extensions installed on the Self Service portal - you can install as many of those as you want!

A few extensions are only available for certain plans due to their higher computing power requirements.

  • VisualEditor is only available for MyWikis Pro and above plans. MyWikis Basics includes a great source editor to get you started, but if you want to use VisualEditor, please create a support ticket and our support team will assist you with upgrading to MyWikis Pro or higher.
  • Semantic MediaWiki is only available for MyWikis Corporate and above plans.
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