Why is there an account named "Mywikis" on my wiki?

In order to better assist you, there is always a maintenance account named "Mywikis" on your wiki. Only MyWikis employees have access to it.

Please do not remove the admin or bureaucrat rights from it, and please do not block the account. Doing so is heavily inconvenient for our support team and hinders our ability to provide your wiki with technical support. (As of July 5, 2021, this is no longer possible. Attempting to remove user rights from the account or blocking the service account will fail.)

In case you notice suspicious activity on the account, contact our support team immediately and let us know which wiki you saw the suspicious activity on. Even if you're not sure if the activity is suspicious and you would like confirmation from us on whether an action was performed by our support team, please open a ticket to inquire.

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