Using Backups Plus

If you purchased Backups Plus on your wiki, you can access your backups on the Special:WikiBackups page of your wiki. (If your wiki does not have this page, it is because you did not purchase Backups Plus for your wiki - contact our support team by opening a ticket if you would like Backups Plus.)

Backups are generally generated every day at 2am U.S. Central Time (UTC-06:00, UTC-05:00 during Daylight Saving Time), and you will always be able to access the most recent backup. We also guarantee that backups will be generated at least once a calendar day. However, the most recent backup may not necessarily be generated at 2am U.S. Central Time; we reserve the right to generate backups in between this or at a different time.

Only wiki admins can access backups by default. If you would like for the users who can access backups to be changed to bureaucrats only or a specific set of users, please contact our support team by opening a ticket and let us know what you'd like it to be changed to.

Haven't signed up for Backups Plus yet? It's easy to sign up and a great investment for your wiki. Find out how to sign up on the knowledgebase article named "Sign up for Backups Plus".

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