Mobile friendly skin for your wiki

Update: All new wikis are mobile-friendly by default. No extra configuration is needed.

Old wikis only

Make your wiki mobile-friendly with a mobile-friendly skin.

MediaWiki's default skin is not mobile-friendly, but you can add a different, mobile-first skin for your wiki's mobile visitors. There are two skin options you can pick from:

  • Minerva Neue is the default mobile skin used on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation wikis. However, it tends to be limited in its UI and provides less functionality than other skins.
  • Timeless is a newer skin available for both desktop and mobile. We recommend this skin as it has a better UI overall, and provides more functionality and customizability to wiki admins. Unlike the Minerva Neue skin, your sidebar links will appear on the Timeless skin.

Interested in adding this to your wiki? You can install MobileFrontend through Self Service. The default skin we pick for you is Timeless, for the reasons explained above. If your wiki isn't supported by Self Service, or if you want to choose Minerva Neue as your default skin, open a ticket, let us know you'd like to make your wiki mobile-friendly and also specify which skin you want, and our support team will install the MobileFrontend extension and the respective skin onto your wiki.

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