Configuring your wiki to use a third-party anti-DDoS service (VPS)

MyWikis takes steps to mitigate and prevent DDoS attacks on our servers. However, we understand some clients may wish to seek additional protection for their wiki on their own. We aim to support as many third party anti-DDoS services as possible.

These steps are relevant to our VPS services. In general, we recommend that wikis most susceptible to DDoS attacks should be hosted on our VPS plans so we may take additional steps necessary to specially handle your wiki without disrupting the rest of our servers. If you are considering using our services, be sure to mention this to us so we can get you prepared for this as early on as possible.

Project Shield

If you are on a VPS service: follow Project Shield's instructions. Then, they will give you an IP address, most likely beginning with 34., which you should use to point your domain to that. When they ask you for your origin, be sure you provide the IP address for your VPS. If you are unsure what your VPS's IP address is, ask our support team.

If you are on a non-VPS service, we currently do not support Project Shield due to the way our DNS is set up.

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