How long will it take to create my wiki?

Also known as: Why wasn't my wiki created already?

From the time you choose your plan to receiving login information to your brand new wiki, the wiki creation process only takes around 5 minutes on average. Once payment is made, your wiki information will be sent to you in about 2 minutes' time via email. It's short and simple!

On occasion, some wikis may take longer to create. If this is the case, you will receive your order info via email, and if payment was successful, a support ticket will automatically be created under your account to keep track of your wiki's creation. One of our support representatives will assist you promptly on the manner.

Wikis might take longer to create if:

  • You're using a payment method that takes a while to process, such as European Credit/Debit Card or SEPA
  • Something went wrong while creating your wiki and requires special attention. We'll usually address this within 12 hours, but 24 hours at max.
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