Pointing an existing custom domain to MyWikis

(Note: if you bought a domain through MyWikis, this article does not pertain to you. Please open a ticket so that our customer support representatives may assist you in purchasing a domain through us. For more information in general on custom domains at MyWikis, please see the following knowledgebase article: https://panel.mywikis.net/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/27/Custom-domains.html.)

This feature is available to wikis on the MyWikis Pro plan or above.

In order to allow your wiki to use a custom address that you own, you'll have to give it authorization by modifying your domain's DNS records.

If your wiki is under mywikis.wiki:

To point a domain or subdomain that you already own to MyWikis' servers, point a CNAME record from it to wikiapp.mywikis.wiki.

If you own a custom domain goodreads.wiki, and you want to connect both goodreads.wiki and www.goodreads.wiki to MyWikis, then there are two ways to configure it.

Most registrars, such as GoDaddy, do not allow you to create a CNAME record for the root domain (in other words, the CNAME cannot be for @). Other registrars, such as Namecheap, do allow you to create a CNAME record for the root domain, but the resulting configuration will be incorrect on the MyWikis end. In these cases, you will want to create one CNAME record under www and redirect your non-www domain to the www subdomain. The CNAME should be:

www  CNAME wikiapp.mywikis.wiki.

where www is the name and wikiapp.mywikis.wiki. is the value. (Note the trailing dot!)

Important: do not replace wikiapp with your wiki ID. It should be exactly wikiapp.mywikis.wiki.

For a few select registrars such as Cloudflare, you don't need to create the redirect. Instead, you would need two CNAME records:

@    CNAME wikiapp.mywikis.wiki.

www  CNAME wikiapp.mywikis.wiki.

where the @ and www are the names and wikiapp.mywikis.wiki. is the value. (Note the trailing dot!)

If you own a custom domain mycompany.com, and you want to only connect wiki.mycompany.com to MyWikis, then you would need only one CNAME record:

wiki CNAME wikiapp.mywikis.wiki.

where wiki is the name and wikiapp.mywikis.wiki. is the value.

The following links show you how to do this on:

Note: On GoDaddy, use the forwarding feature to forward from yourdomain.com to https://www.yourdomain.com/. On the DNS management page, this is located at one of the smaller boxes titled "Forwarding" below the table of DNS records. Press "Add" beside Domain, then for the "Forward to" box, select "https://" followed by www.yourdomain.com. Keep the other settings the same and press Save. However, this might not work too well for https://yourdomain.com/ since it doesn't yet automatically provide an SSL certificate.

Note: On Squarespace, you need to add wikiapp.mywikis.wiki without the trailing dot. On other providers, you should add the trailing dot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After this is complete, if you visit it, it should redirect to our home page, or there might be a HTTPS error. These are all to be expected, as we can only finish the process of connecting your custom domain to our servers once you have completed the DNS steps. Next, please let us know by opening or replying to an existing ticket, and telling us what your domain is. We'll then set your domain up on our side.

If your wiki is under mywikis.net:

To point a domain or subdomain that you already own to MyWikis' servers, its A record should look like this:

@    A

Where the @ is the name and the IP address is the value.

The following links show you how to do this on:

NOTE: We are not responsible for any misconfigured DNS configurations that may arise from following this guide. DNS configuration can be tricky, and we only provide this guide for informational purposes. If you want to verify your DNS records, please speak with our support team. Speak to our sales team if you need end-to-end assistance with setting up DNS and wish to try our premium support plan.

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