Extensions we can and can't install

For the basics on how to install extensions on your wiki, please see the knowledgebase article called Adding extensions or skins onto your wiki.

This is not an exhaustive list. Contact support for more information on whether we support an extension or not.

Supported extensions

Please see https://www.mywikis.com/extensions for the latest list.

Note: this is by no means an exhaustive list. If an extension isn't listed here, it's still likely supported by us.

  • Extensions already installed on your wiki: CategoryTree, Cite, CiteThisPage, CodeEditor, ConfirmEdit, Gadgets, ImageMap, InputBox, Interwiki, LocalisationUpdate, MultimediaViewer, Nuke, OATHAuth, PageImages, ParserFunctions, PdfHandler, Poem, Renameuser, Scribunto, SecureLinkFixer, SpamBlacklist, SyntaxHighlight, TemplateData, TitleBlacklist, VisualEditor (Pro wikis and up), WikiEditor
  • Default extension on Private F wikis: ConfirmAccount
  • AbuseFilter
  • Cargo
  • ContactPage by MyWikis (M)
  • Google Analytics (GTag)
  • MobileFrontend
  • Moderation
  • NativeSvgHandler
  • PageForms
  • Popups
  • RSS
  • Semantic MediaWiki
  • SimpleMathJax
  • SimpleBatchUpload (MediaWiki 1.31.10+)
  • SlackNotifications
  • TemplateStyles
  • TopLink (M)
  • UserMerge
  • UploadWizard
  • Widgets
  • Wikibase
  • WikiForum
  • And many more...

(M) = Extension developed by MyWikis

Unsupported extensions

This is not an exhaustive list either; there may be more extensions we don't support. We only add extensions to this list if there is a compelling reason to not support it. In other words, we try our hardest to avoid placing extensions on this list. Our support team will make the final feasibility determination.

Extension name Reason we don't support it Suggested alternative(s)
CheckUser Due to our GDPR and data privacy compliance procedures, we are unfortunately unable to offer this to wiki owners, as doing so would violate EU laws. MyWikis Staff will use this extension when deemed necessary. Contact our support team for more details. AbuseFilter, Nuke
Math, MathJax Too complicated—we use SimpleMathJax, which provides the exact same functionality. SimpleMathJax
CentralAuth Does not apply to non-VPS wikis. Some VPS wikis may be able to use this, if appropriate.  
Citoid Requires additional processes to run on servers. Permitted on our VPS plans.  
Farmer, Wiki Farm, etc. We do not allow extensions that can create other wikis.  
GoogleLogin We support it but be careful because you might actually need SAML for logging in via a Google Workspace account. Permitted on Gen2 or our VPS plans if database is MySQL.  
MsUpload Extension doesn't work and has many severe security bugs on MediaWiki 1.27+. We recommend using SimpleBatchUpload or UploadWizard instead. SimpleBatchUpload, UploadWizard
Google Analytics Integration Newer extension, called GTag, supports the newer Google Analytics tags. GTag
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