Custom domains

Interested in using a custom domain for your wiki? (This means instead of your wiki being under a subdomain such as, it might be located at or, for instance.) At MyWikis, you're able to connect a custom domain to your MyWikis wiki. It will become your primary domain.

There are three ways to connect a custom domain to MyWikis.

If you are on the following plans with an appropriate billing cycle, you qualify to link a custom domain to your wiki:

  • MyWikis Pro (Annual)
  • MyWikis Corporate (Annual)
  • MyWikis VPS (Annual)

If you'd like to purchase a custom domain through MyWikis, you'll want to first purchase one through us, then create a support ticket so we can follow up and complete your purchase.

Please note that domains can only be a .com, .net, .org domain, or they can be under any TLD (top-level domain, which is a fancy way to say .com, .net, .org, etc.) that retails for less than $15 USD. If so, visit this link to purchase a custom domain (that retails for less than $15 USD) via MyWikis: Otherwise, you'll want to open a support ticket first and let us know what domain name you want so we can appropriately collect payment for a pricier domain name. The .wiki TLD is a great choice for your wiki but retails for $35 USD a year. If you're interested in a .wiki TLD, open a support ticket so we can initiate the process of getting you a .wiki domain.

Once you've paid for a custom domain, please open a support ticket under the Billing and Provisioning department to let us know what domain name you would like.

Renewing a custom domain purchased through MyWikis is a process that needs to be done every year, as we purchase domains for year-long validity. Please let us know via a support ticket if you would like to renew your custom domain before it expires; otherwise, if it expires, we may not be able to renew it. We do not always automatically renew custom domains because that would result in us renewing domains that clients don't actually want for another year. Since there is no refund period for renewing domains, this would result in many unused domains being renewed every year needlessly. MyWikis is not responsible for domains lost due to a lack of notice for domain renewal from the client.

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